Recommended event: ScenoProt closing seminar

Mar 2021


Pathways to self-sufficiency and to sustainable and healthy protein system

What have been accomplished – ScenoProt

ScenoProt (Novel protein sources for food security and climate) project has worked almost six years towards a more self-sufficient, versatile and sustainable protein system. Now it is time to welcome our stakeholders and interested parties to hear some of the results including insights about novel protein sources, consumer markets and health and environmental effects of different diets. See the detailed program below.

Vision of ScenoProt project states that in 2030, consumers will eat tasty, healthy and sustainably produced food. New diversified protein sources that will mitigate climate change are used and are produced closer to consumers. New tasty and innovative food products are being developed. ScenoProt project is ending and interesting results aiming at realizing the vision are presented and openly discussed.

The seminar is organized online and will be held in English, except panel discussions are in Finnish.
We kindly ask you to register so that we can send you the link to the event. You may attend both days or only one day.

Thank you and see you in March!

ScenoProt group



10.3.21 Day 1: Wednesday afternoon 

12.45 Technical check and instructions
13.00 Opening of the seminar, Principal Scientist Anne Pihlanto, Luke


Session one: Products and technologies

13.10 Keynote 1: Reframing role of biodiversity in food systems, Professor Emerita Sirpa Kurppa
13.40 We can find local alternatives to soya protein in livestock diets, Research Professor Marketta Rinne, Luke
14.00 Contents of antinutritional factors in different faba bean cultivars, Research Scientist Markus Nurmi, Luke
14.20 Panel discussion (in Finnish)
14.40 Brake

Session two: Health and environment 

14.50 Keynote 2: Professor Bryndís Eva Birgisdóttir, University of Iceland
15.20 Results of replacing animal proteins with plant-based sources in a clinical trial, Associate Professor of Molecular Nutrition Anne Maria Pajari, University of Helsinki
15.40 Even moderate changes in diets can cause environmental benefits, Senior Scientist Merja Saarinen, Luke
16.00 Panel discussion (in Finnish)
16.20 End of day 1


11.3.21 Day 2: Thursday morning 

Session three: Consumers and markets

09.45 Technical check and instructions
10.00 Short briefings provided by ScenoProt researchers
10.30 Keynote 3: tbc
11.00 Consumption behavior as an enabler of transition, Development Manager Antti Isokangas, Makery Oy
11.20 On protein transition, business models and regional solutions for sustainable protein system, Senior Researcher Ari Paloviita, University of Jyväskylä
11.40 Panel discussion (in Finnish) 
12.00 Final remarks and discussion
12.15 End of Day 2



Registration via this link by 8th of March.
For more information, get in touch with:

Titta Tapiola

Principal Specialist


email: titta.tapiola(at)

phone: 029 5326 526