FoodProFuture aims to develop a knowledge platform for turning raw materials from plants into tasty, healthy and attractive food products full of protein. Our research shall enable the Norwegian food industry to produce high quality and sustainable plant-based alternative food products. We provide a path for accelerating adaptation and value creation from future food products.

The project is hosted by The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Department of Plant Sciences.

Project leader Anne Kjersti Uhlen, NMBU
Phone: +47 67 23 28 14 / +47 909 700 78

Ole Jørgen Hanssen, Østfoldforskning
WP1: Life cycle & environmental impact

Wendy Waalen, NIBIO
WP2: National plant bio-resources

Svein Halvor Knutsen, NOFIMA AS
WP3: Processing technologies and model foods

Tove Guldbrandsen Devold, NMBU
WP4: Quality of materials and products

Antje Gonera, NOFIMA AS
WP5: Consumers, innovation and market

Elling-Olav Rukke, NMBU
WP6: Dissemination

Project period:
1. April 2017 – 31. March 2021

Project funding:
The BIONÆR programme, The Research Council of Norway, Project no: NFR 267858

Project Consortium:
Nine national and five international  academic partners are involved in the research activities. Fourteen partners from food industry companies are actively participating with advice and raw materials. See partners.