What will the future of food look like in Norway?

In a recently published report, researchers Antje Gonera and Katja-Maria Prexl present four possible scenarios for the future of food in Norway.

“We wanted to develop an approach that could help food producers prepare for change, come up with innovative ideas and accelerate the shift towards sustainable and profitable plant-based food production,” says Nofima senior scientist Antje Gonera.

The authors recommend using the scenarios to assess the robustness of current strategies, renew them for a more sustainable food system in Norway, and to uncover new ideas for innovation.

“We cannot expect perfectly defined futures, but the scenario tool can help us to solve problems differently and develop new perspectives,” says Katja-Maria Prexl, a postdoc at Nofima involved in the project.

  • Click here to get the report: «Four Plausible Futures of Food. Navigating the future for sustainable and healthy plant-based protein in Norway: A scenario approach»
  • To help visualize each scenario, the report is accompanied by four short films (see below).


Scenario A: Noah’s Ark – From Overflow to Scarcity

Scenario B: Plan B – Giving Back to Mother Earth

Scenario C: Fly me to the Moon – Digital Food Revolution

Scenario D: Back to the Future – The New Equilibrium