Work packages

FoodProFuture is organised into 6 different work packages. The WPs are organised and numbered according to the work flow as seen in the illustration above.

WP1: Life cycle & environmental impact

Environmental assessments show that plant proteins have a lower climate impact than protein from meat, seafood and dairy products. This work package will analyze the total environmental and social impact of substituting parts of the animal protein with plant based protein, based on the situation in Norway and give input to the development of new sustainable plant protein based products.

Leader: Erik Svanes, NORSUS

WP2: National plant bio-resources

Grain legumes give high protein yields, and are important to increase sustainability in the cropping systems. This work package shall develop solutions to key limiting factors for the production of food-grade grain legume crops under Norwegian conditions. Protein sources from oats will also be explored.

Leader: Wendy Waalen, NIBIO

WP3: Processing technologies and model foods

Innovative and sustainable processing technologies are necessary to utilize plant resources into tasty, healthy and attractive plant-based food products with high protein content. The workpackage aims to produce protein-rich ingredients and model products based on dry fractionation combined with other processing technologies.

Leader: Svein Halvor Knutsen, Nofima AS

WP4: Quality of materials and products

The work package shall identify both beneficial and anti-nutritional components of raw materials and processed food products, and provide in-depth knowledge on health and safety aspects of plant-based products . This also includes optimalisations to preserve high sensory quality and satisfactory functional quality for processing.

Leader: Tove Guldbrandsen Devold(2019-) / Gerd Vegarud (2017-18), NMBU

WP5: Consumers, innovation and market

Knowledge of the consumers perceptions related to high-protein plant-based foods is necessary to succeed in a future shift towards a more sustainable diet. The work package shall provide insight about consumer demands for plant-based products and their markets, and uncover current barriers in the food system blocking the shift towards a more sustainable diet.

Leader: Antje Gonera, Nofima AS

WP6: Dissemination and communication

Dissemination and communication of project progress and results.

Leader: Elling-Olav Rukke, NMBU